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TAXES AND THE IRS _________________

As United States citizens, we are obligated to pay taxes to the IRS to support our government. Though we don't enjoy taxation, we realize that it is necessary to provide the resources for government. The IRS serves a function to assist our quality of life.

Taxes provide for a variety of services including law enforcement, roads, public works and other aspects of the economic infrastructure, the military, and even our legal tender. In addition, the funds derived from taxes provide for social aid and other public services.

Without the IRS to collect these taxes, we would not benefit from these services.

With this in mind, we can feel a little better about paying our taxes to the IRS, yet none of us should have to pay more than our fair share. With careful tax planning, record keeping and filing, we don't have to.

The goal of this site is to provide you with a portal to tax services and tax forms to the IRS that will help you with planning and filing your taxes. Along the way, perhaps you will find a few tips to ease the tax preparation process and even a few points that will provide you with a chuckle or two.
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